EFI LIVE Custom Tune for 2011 - 2016 LML Duramax



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Tune wrote for longevity for the everyday worker and weekend warrior in mind.
Tunes have been tried and tested on 1000s of trucks a year.
Comes with:
  • EFI Live Autocal Device
  • All related Accessories / cords
  • Free TCM Tune
  • Detailed instructions
  • Access to our unlimited support.
  • EGR Blocker plates (optional FREE upgrade)
  • DSP5/SOTF Plug and Play switch (+$90.00 From the multi tune pack)
    • Proprietary switch. Only one on the market
    • Takes a few minutes to install
    • Does not require pinning to the ECM like your typical DSP5 switch
    • Ability to switch tunes on the fly

Tune Expectations:

  • HP and TQ Gains (view charts below)
  • Increase in MPG
    • Various upon driver and location. However, expect a few MPG increase
*All of our tuning is developed in house, where we provide our own support. It has been tested on thousands of trucks that have came through. This is important as we do not have to rely on other tuners and wait on them to complete tunes or make adjustments
* Single tune purchase will come with a 70HP tune that is safe for heavy towing
Power levels:
- Factory File
- Tow 30hp increase (heavy Tow, over 10k Lbs)
- Eco 80hp increase (light towing capable. under 10k lbs)
- Street 120hp increase 
- Race 150HP Increase ** recommended lift pump to run
- Max 200HP increase ** recommended lift pump to run
Please take a look at our reviews on our ebay page. We have just recently started to offer our tunes online after an overwhelming customer request for it.